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49 x Watersprite 25kg Water Softener Pellet Salt

Ref: 070106

Price: 388.08 (Including VAT)

Watersprite salt pellets are cushion shaped for optimal brining, made with pure food grade salt

• Suitable for all domestic, residential and industrial water softeners.
• Dissolves evenly, gradually & efficiently
• Curved faces specially designed for an optimum water flow
• Highly pure tablet salt with no additives
• Free of residual substances, no sediment, no deposits in the salt tank
• Food grade quality
• High-pressure compacted, never disintegrates
• Minimal ecological footprint
• Avoids need for expensive maintenance
• Fewer system failures

Brand: Watersprite

Technical Information

shipping info

Bag weight: 25kg
Individual tablets are roughly 25mm in diameter, 14mm in height and weigh 11gr in a circular block shape

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