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9 Packs of Kinetico Block Salt - OUT OF STOCK PRE-ORDER ONLY

Ref: 079409

Price: 51.18 (Including VAT)

To keep everyone supplied with block salt, we're asking you to order just one box of three bags (6 blocks in total) as a temporary measure for your own household. We will not accept multiple orders or orders from unauthorised drop-shippers who seek to re-sell at inflated prices.
Orders for larger out-of-stock quantities will be held until stock is available.

Nine (9) individual packs of block salt from kinetico. This is our largest quantity available with a courier delivery service. You should receive your order within 4-5 working days.

There are two 4kg blocks of kinetico salt in each pack for a total weight of 8kg, kinetico block salt will work in any make or model of block salt softener.

Brand: Kinetico

Technical Information

shipping info

Each pack contains two 4kg blocks, total pack weight 8kg.

Single Block: 85mm x 90mm x270mm

This product will be delivered using doorstep courier service, you should recieve your order within 4-5 working days. All prices include delivery to mainland England