Rock Salt/De-Icing Salt

Please phone our friendly team to order De-Icing Salt for September delivery at low summer prices. Call 01522 509383. We will take your order, then contact you prior to despatch to process payment

Clearance Salt

We have some very low cost salt suitable for de-icing in bulk bags (approx 1 tonne) it's a fine white salt that's 2nd grade and contains pea gravel. Approx 7 tonnes are available at £80 + vat delivered in mainland england. First come first served!

Brown Salt

Also a brown de-icing salt in woven polypropylene bags is available very cheaply. It's ideal for hand spreading but because it tends to form lumps we don't recommend it for speaders unless it's well broken up before hand.

As an alternative to Rock Salt, we also supply industrial grades of salt for de-icing including Granular Salt, PDV and IVS. Tablet and Block Salt aren't suitable for de-icing.

Please call us on 01522 509383 for current stocks