Delivery Information


PALLET DELIVERY is our most popular option. Please note that pallet delivery companies usually operate with 18 tonne rigid trucks with tail lifts. Although drivers are generally very helpful, if access to your property is restricted, the point of delivery will be at the kerb on the nearest accessible public highway. You will be responsible for transfering the order to your storage area.

We use a national pallet delivery network as our distribution partners for deliveries between 250kg and about 5 tonnes. They offer an excellent prompt service using rigid trucks with tail-lifts. Your order will normally be with you within about 4 days of placing the order.

Important information about access.
Your salt will arrive on a wooden pallet. The driver will lower this to the ground using the hydraulic tail-lift fitted to the vehicle, then use a hand operated pallet truck to move the pallet off the tail-lift platform and will follow your directions about where you want it. However, every delivery is different and the major factor is access restriction. Whilst every attempt will be made to get the pallet at least onto your property, we only guarantee that the delivery point will be to the kerb on the nearest accessible public road to your property. If there is an access issue for an 18 tonne truck on the highway leading to your property, either with weigh, height or width, please let us know before you place your order.

Pallet Trucks
Once your pallet is off the lorry, the driver can manoeuvre it by hand to a certain extent, provided the surface is smooth and level. Any incline, step or even a small ridge will stop the pallet truck in it's tracks (they have small nylon wheels underneath). They certainly won't run on a gravel surface.

What we're saying here is that we'll do our best to get the salt as close as possible to where you want it. However, depending on access, this may not be possible so you need to be prepared to remove the bags of salt from the pallet and move them to where you store it yourself after the delivery has been made. The pallet, of course, is yours to keep or dispose of however you wish.
We can only accept your order for salt on pallets on this basis, we're grateful for your understanding and co-operation.

Full Pallets Forklift Requirements
Please note that the safe working load of a tail lift is one tonne. Full pallets of salt exceed this weight so can't be unloaded at the delivery point other than by a fork lift truck. Please only order full pallets (49 x 25kg Tablet or Granular or 138 / 144 x 8kg Block Salt) if you can off load with your own forklift, telehandler or tractor attached pallet forks with a minimum capacity of 1.3 tonnes at 1.5 metres at 600mm load centre. For safety reasons there are no exceptions - we can only send full pallets if you can unload by suitable mechanical means.

3 and 6 Packs of block salt
This service offers smaller quantities delivered by courier on a 1 or 2 day service direct to your doorstep. It's slightly quicker and for some people more convenient than receiving a pallet, specially where there are access challenges. Please be aware that a high proportion of the total cost is the delivery charge we have to pay the courier, so although fast and convenient, it's an expensive option compared to a bulk pallet delivery. If you are out at the time of delivery the delivery person will try to leave your parcel in a safe place.

Please be aware that your salt goes through our pallet network on route to you. We expect your delivery to arrive in the perfect condition in which it left us. Occasionally though, some bags may suffer minor tears or become scuffed during transit. The polythene bags are there to keep the salt clean and dry until you're ready to use it. Our bags contain a small overage in weight, so if a small amount (a few handfuls say) is spilt or becomes unusable, please be assured that you will still have the full weight ordered. Please protect any split bags and use them first. If you get a delivery with more serious damage or missing bags, please accept the delivery but sign for it as damaged so we can take it up with our delivery people. Let us know straight away what happened. Our normal procedure is to offer an agreed reduction in price against your next order to account for any salt that is missing or genuinely unusable. We would, if you prefer offer a pro-rate refund. Reverse Logistics (ie sending it back) is something we strenuously try to avoid with such a heavy and relatively low value product like salt - so your co-operation and understanding is greatly appreciated.