We will not accept multiple orders or orders from unauthorised drop-shippers who seek to re-sell at inflated prices.

To keep everyone supplied with block salt, we're asking you to order just one box of three bags (6 blocks in total) as a temporary measure for your own household.
Orders for larger out-of-stock quantities will be held until stock is available.

Harveys Block Salt is produced to the highest standard and can be used in any softener requiring block salt, including Crown, Minimax, Twiin-tec, Kinetico and many more.

Our smaller pack quantities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 packs can be delivered to your door, or left in a safe place if your not in. While larger orders will arrive on a pallet for you. Please review our ordering information for full details on our procedures. Larger bulk quantities offer you better prices per pack. We have split our products into quantities according to shipping weights so you get the best value possible, we are sometimes asked for numbers we don't have available on the website, perhaps 100 or 80 packs, these amounts would still be classed as a full pallet by the pallet network and so would be charged the same shipping as 120 packs and lowering the overall value for money, in this way we try to keep our prices on water softener salt as competative as possible.