Hydrosoft Tablets
Good quality tablet salt is vital to the correct operation of your water softener. Hydrosoft tablet salt is produced in the UK to the highest standard and uses food grade salt as the base to make their salt tablets. Hydrosoft is produced by shaping pure dried vacuum salt (the same salt as you'd sprinkle on your chips!)into small white pillow shaped tablets. They are compatible with any water softeners where the manufacturer specifies Tablet Salt, which confusingly are sometimes called salt pellets. Usable in many well known brands of water softener including Ecowater, Monarch, Permutit, Tapworks and many more. Hydrosoft Salt Tablets are produced to comply with BS EN 973:2002 which is the relevant standard relating to salt for use in ion exchange water softeners. As well as offering standard 25kg bags of Hydrosoft Tablet Salt, it's also now available in handy 10kg bags, making lifting and handling much easier for many people. You can buy Hydrosoft with confidence in the knowledge that you will be receiving the market leader in water softener salt tablets. As a national salt merchant, Salt Supplies deliver throughout mainland England at a single price, eliminating worries about delivery areas. For deliveries further afield we can obtain a very competitive quote for the delivery.