3 packs of Kinetico Block Salt

Price: 17.17 (Including VAT)

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We will not accept multiple orders or orders from unauthorised drop-shippers who seek to re-sell at inflated prices.

To keep everyone supplied with block salt, we're asking you to order just one box of three bags (6 blocks in total) as a temporary measure for your own household.
Orders for larger out-of-stock quantities will be held until stock is available.

You can't beat Block Salt for ease of storage and handling. Since it's invention, there's been a steady move away from the heavy and cumbersome 25kg bags of tablets salt. Many new water softeners are now designed with Block Salt in mind and this trend is likely to continue.

Our smaller pack quantities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 packs can be delivered to your door, or left in a safe place if your not in

A common question we're asked is why the two blocks are used at different rates (asymmetrically), with one block being used faster than the other. It's because the brine valve, where the fresh water enters the salt cabinet, is nearer to one block than the other so it uses that one slightly quicker.

We're occasionally asked about ordering different quantities to those stated. The reason we try to encourage you to order in our fixed amounts is because we've optimised the consignment weights to get you the most salt delivered for the lowest haulage cost. Although all our prices include this charge, we are focused on keeping our prices as low as possible to offer you the best possible value. For example, if you wanted to order 75 packs of block salt, we'd encourage you to order a pallet of 60, then simply place your next order a little sooner. However if you have a bit of space, getting the 120 pack pallet would be cheaper (everyone wants the cheapest price block salt!) and with plenty in stock you wouldn't have to worry about it for a while. Many of our customers agree that a stock of salt in the garage is as good as money in the bank - these days maybe better!

salt-supplies.co.uk is part of Greens Water Systems and we have been installing and maintaining water softeners for over 20 years so we know the importance of good quality salt. That is why we only sell top quality Block Salt from the two leading manufacturers in the industry. Our buying power and reliable distribution network means we offer unrivalled service and value for money for all your block salt requirements.