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Softly Eco friendly Washing Powder for Soft Water 750g

Ref: 299800

Price: 7.00 (Including VAT)

Product of the Year Technology Innovation Awards 2018.
100% Biodegradable Packaging
NEW Improved Formula

Softly Washing powder has been developed by greens water systems, to provide a natural and ecologically sound alternative to traditional washing powders and liquids. It is specially formulated to work with soft water and does not contain any of the artificial softening ingredients used in regular washing powders. This cuts down on size and makes softly more concentrated for more washes.

In addition Softly contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation or harm our natural waterways this means:
No Biological Enzymes
No Synthetic fragrances
No Added Perfumes
No Optical Brighteners

Enzymes are know to cause irritation to peoples lungs and skin. Some perfumes and fragrances can contain dozens of chemicals classified as trade secrets, which means they don't have to put them on the label. Optical brighteners are are chemical that absorb ultra violet light and emit visible blue light, making things seem brighter than they are, and combating the yellowing of fabrics over time. The problem with this is your just coating your clothes with another layer of chemicals they're not actually any cleaner.

Softly uses none of these ingredients only natural mineral salts and soap.
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Brand: Softly

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This product is shipped by royal mail if ordered alone.
If ordered with some salt it will be shipped together on the same pallet and delived together.